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Надо же...

      А что, камрады, помните, я тут ссылочку давал на петицию в защиту казарок, она же против планов продления охоты в Болгарии? Так, знаете, помогло! Завернул их парламент продление... Нынче вот по птичкиной рассылке пришло (sorry, in English):

      Dear colleagues,

      Thank you all for your support.
      Last week the Bulgarian Parliament turned down an amendment of the Hunting Act (containing proposals to extend the hunting season for waterfowl to 28 February). This Tuesday the Hunting Act amendments were published in the Bulgarian State Newspaper. The hunting season for waterfowl (ducks and geese) ends on 31 January (the hunting lobby wanted an extension to the end of February).
      The Parliament decided to shorten the hunting season for Quail and Turtle Dove with the start date of 15 August put back to 1 September. The penalties for poaching were increased and there are now also penalties for possession of illegal game trophies. The Parliament decided to permit private hunting estates. This issue is very controversial but many strict restrictions have been imposed.
      We will continue to monitor the private hunting estates and try to work with their managers in order to prevent poisoning of raptors.
      This signal victory was achieved because of the personal commitment of one Bulgarian MP, the strong support of the Ministry of Environment, the extensive lobbying of Parliament by Bulgarian NGOs and wildlife tour operators, and the influential international support for petition on www.forthenature.org. The petition was supported and signed by more than 2500 EU citizens representing all EU countries), more than 800 Russian citizens and many others from more than 50 countries worldwide.
      Once again we would like to express our gratefulness for your prompt support.

      Yours sincerely,

      Stefan Avramov
      Protected Areas and Species Conservation Coordinator
      Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation.

      Такие дела.
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