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Босвортское поражение

      Richard III Society сообщило, что у них не осталось легальных возможностей помешать японской компании "Horiba Mira" построить полигон по испытанию беспилотных автомашин на части Босвортского поля.

      "With regards to this section of the battlefield – all the advice we have received tells us that there are no legal avenues open to us. The only option not closed off was a judicial review – which would be prohibitively expensive, and would almost certainly fail. We are naturally very disappointed that it has come to this. Bearing this in mind, a decision was made to work with Mira on the archaeology of the site and on the 3D map of the land. At the same time we will continue to work with the Battlefields Trust to try to ensure that this never happens again and that our precious heritage is preserved" (op. cit.).

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    P.S. Шиповник снимал вчера во дворе – там как раз расцвёл единственный цветок. Трактуйте, как хотите :).

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