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Star Wars sensu Disney, non Lucas

      Закономерно, я полагаю:

      "That sequel is Disney/Lucasfilm’s current release Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With China now clearly a huge bust for the picture, $1.4 billion in global receipts is a pipe dream, and even $1.3 billion might be a stretch. Which means Episode VIII: The Last Jedi will earn at least $700 million less in global box office revenue, and probably closer to $800 million less, than the $2.07 billion total of Episode VII: The Force Awakens (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story may have immediately preceeded Last Jedi, but it is properly classified as a spin-off, not a sequel, so I didn't include it in this analysis). That’s easily a $100 million bigger drop than the previous record holder" ((c) Forbes).

      Короче, свежевышедшие ЗВ VIII уверенно бьют рекорд по мировому падению кассовых сборов "от сиквела к сиквелу" (на 700, если не на 800, млн. $ по сравнению с предыдущим фильмом, ЗВ VII).

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